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Welcome to Elite Claw Amusements LLC

We are a family-owned amusement business serving the Los Angeles county area. Our new claw machines will be delivered and placed at your business at no cost. With our reliable service and top-quality products, we are the perfect choice for businesses looking to provide their employees and customers with an enjoyable experience.

Our Services

Discover our wide range of services that include placing, servicing, supplying, and cleaning claw machines for businesses. We offer a generous commission of the profits to the owners with no commitments or contracts needed. All machines are fully insured and licensed, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone with no risk to the business owner. Just sit back and make easy money for doing nothing but providing a small 14" space, ensuring extra income for your business. Our machines are low-energy usage, less than ~$9 a month. Our phone number, email, and website is posted on the machine so customers can easily ask us directly for our help with refunds and service calls instead of bothering your employees.

Updated Technology

Our amusement machines accepts all 3 forms of payments including Credit Cards, Dollar Bills, and Coins. Making it convenient and effectively having happy customers to increase income.

Multiple Payment Options

Payout Rate is Strong

Our payout rate for the claw strength is strong which in term will make anyone want to play again and again. Returning customers are always a plus leading to more profits and sales.

Why choose Elite Claw Amusements LLC?

Because Elite Claw Amusements LLC is a local family business and not a national business, we have a faster response time for any issues that may arise (within 24 hours), where is the national guys would take weeks if not months to respond. We offer better commission as your business receives white glove service, being our top priority clients. We restock with premium items and clean the machines more often (weekly or bi-weekly) which means more plays and extra income for your business. Our company will provide the latest up to date technology machines that hasn't been seen before. They come with prize lockers which entice more sales, take less space (only 14" wide by 6' tall). Because of the small size, business owners often ask for multiple machines. Not to mention they are LED and consume little energy.

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